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La Magie des Andaras | Eclesiah

Quantum Healing Energy Work [Thought Forms | Egregores]

Quantum Healing Energy Work [Thought Forms | Egregores]

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 | Escaping the Matrix. Liberation from Egregores | 

This Quantum Energy Work with ANDARA crystals takes place over a period of 72 hours.

The purpose is:

  • To enable you to break free from confinement related to the entire ancestral hierarchy of the human collective, what it has engendered, what it has nourished, and the powers it has bestowed.
  • To initiate a release from the numerous thought forms, egregores, karmic and others (unconscious programs) that "keep" you in a low vibration (physical body density).

This activation is a powerful work of "reclaiming" your full energy/power. A release (detachment) from the collective unconscious and its countless mental constructs.

  • Your crystalline grid will be unique. It is the foundation of quantum activation. The sacred geometry of the grid will correspond to your BluePrint. The ANDARA that make it up (shape, color, origin, weight) will be those you need.
  • Nathalie designs Andarian grids according to a very precise PHI geometry, allowing the opening of golden zones and an interdimensional quantum force field that resonates with the crystalline body of the people for whom these grids are intended.

Please be aware that the activation of your own Light will trigger any old programs held inside that were hidden and not visible before. This is the point. Your awareness of how this process works is important, for both occur simultaneously, which is how the Awakening, Ascension/Descension/Merging and Purification processes work. Honor you at all times!

The Energy Work will take place in an environment with very high frequencies thanks to the numerous ANDARA Altars and energetic paintings that continuously co-create with this environment.

Schedule of the 3 days

    1. On the first day, I initiate into the matter (birth of your grid) and create the codes/keys that will accompany the activation.
    2. On the second day (the most important): I activate in the Ether*. (for the energetic work to be imprinted into the densified matte rit must go through the ethereal, hence the quantum).
    3. On the third day: your physical body and some of your subtle bodies gradually receive, in stages, month after month.

You will have nothing to do during these 3 days, nor afterwards, as the activation will occur on other planes of consciousness during your sleep.

*Being born without karma, it is easier for me to access the crystalline ether.


  • A photo will be requested after you have placed your order.
  • The photo of your grid will then be sent to you by email.

[The more you continue to work with this activation, the more it will continue to help you de-imprint / activate what needs to be within you so that you can carry out a change, a conscious restructuring by YOURSELF.]

- Since this treatment is quantum, time, space, and distance do not exist -



A conscious Soul agreement means that you fully understand that EVERYTHING that happens is part of the journey pre-chosen by your Essence here and now.


Before asking to undergo this Energy Work, your awareness of the potential depth this activation can reach is more than important!

This activation aims to support all those who are truly ready and who consciously choose to follow it in order to go directly into the cellular programming that corresponds here and now to your own physical and energetic reality.

By consciously choosing to opt for this activation, you agree to fully open your heart / your energetic bodies / your mind, in order to consciously receive the Light encodings that are anchored in the ANDARan grid to assist you with what is most appropriate for your own awakening / remembrance / evolution / mastery and realization here and now.


An energetic healing session is not a medical act. It does not exempt you from consulting your doctor. It neither replaces nor interrupts, under any circumstances, any ongoing medical treatment or follow-up.




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L'expérience avec les Andaras varie selon les croyances individuelles. Il est essentiel de se fier à son intuition et à son discernement. Comme il est important de rappeler que les cristaux Andaras ne remplacent pas les soins médicaux, un traitement ou un suivi médical ; de même, un soin énergétique ou une peinture vibratoire ne constitue pas un acte médical. Cela ne dispense en rien de consulter un médecin.