Peinture énergétique personnalisée

Peinture énergétique personnalisée

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Votre peinture énergétique personnalisée est destinée à "briser le voile de l'illusion". Les fréquences, codes d'activation et enseignements que contiendra la peinture seront ceux dont vous aurez besoin pour amorcer un retour à vous même.

Comment je travaille ?

Je me connecte au champ quantique de conscience unifiée afin d'obtenir les informations nécessaires vous concernant. Je traduis ensuite ces informations en couleurs, formes, symboles et géométrie sacrée.

|~| |~| |~| |~| |~|

Votre peinture sera réalisée sur un châssis coton de 30x40 cm, (marqueurs à l'huile ~ peinture acrylique Amsterdam ~ modeling paste mélangé à du sable d'ANDARA).  

*merci de me contacter directement via le formulaire de contact. Frais d'emballage et de port gratuits pour la France 🇫🇷 Règlement Paypal 4x sans frais possible. 

[Ce que vous pouvez percevoir avec vos sens humains des peintures que je réalise n'est qu'une infime partie des informations réellement encodées dans chaque oeuvre. ]

_|_  _|_  _|_  _|_  _|_

Sharing through my art the essence that helps us remember ourselves back into our true state. 

 Testimonials (EN & ES)

« Sometimes  we are unaware of the deep impact of our actions, of what might unfold if we open our hearts and just trust its flow.
When I received my personalized painting. My heart skipped a bit. All of a sudden her painting turned into a portal and what seemed like a library of light codes started to download. I was in tears, my whole body vibrating for more than half an hour. Her portal was speaking directly to my soul, her codes turned into keys that opened the door to one of the most profound healings I have ever experienced.
One of the most painful wounds of my lives through planet Earth was softly healed.
I had asked the wonderful andaras I had received from Nathalie for help with healing that core wound. Unknowingly, Nathalie was their messenger. Had she not surrendered completely to her soul, to flow, that portal could not have been birthed. So I feel like words are not enough to thank you for the incredible gift you have given me today, dear Nathalie 🙏💓🌹
Thanks for being such a pure, loving keeper and channel to the andaras. No wonder they have chosen you 😉💎✨💖
♥ May the magic of the crystal kingdom always come to life through your paintings!
♥ May the Love and blessings of the andaras reach many homes thanks to her great ambassador!
Countless blessings, deep gratitude, dear Nathalie 🙏💓🌹💎✨ »


« Highly recommended a unique experience of pure synergy with the light we are deep within. A communion with your soul where Nathalie's painting works as a portal to your infinite nature and all that is waiting to be recalled. Love meditating with mine, activating it with the wonderful andaras, and opening up to receive the embrace of spirit, the memory of who I am. Deep gratitude, dear Nathalie, for being a pure vessel for these high frequencies to be anchored on Earth. Thanks for the gift of your portals 🙏💖«