How to come out of the spiritual matrix ?

How to come out of the spiritual matrix ?

It's a natural process when we shift to a higher octave (bandwidth/upgrade). 

But navigating this experience is quite challenging as all beliefs, even those associated with the invisible  (celestial beings, guides, dragons, galactic beings, entities etc.), dissolve. On a different plane of awareness, we realize that the universe is a reflection of ourselves, and there exists nothing beyond it. Even beliefs tied to minerals, like andaras, are dissolving.

I am still "playing the game" with andaras, with the ascension tools (light activations, intuitive paintings, light codes etc). Nevertheless, I encounter difficulties occasionally, acknowledging these tools as rooted in the realm of beliefs.

At the same time, for some people, these tools remain essential (for a while) often due to a limited number having transcended the spiritual matrix or moved beyond the New Age template.

In conclusion, I would say; embarking on the journey beyond the spiritual matrix is not a path universally treaded. It requires a willingness to break free from conventional beliefs and explore realms beyond the accustomed. The choice to venture outside this metaphysical construct is deeply personal, and not everyone will embrace the challenge of transcending the spiritual matrix. For some, the comfort of familiar spiritual frameworks may prevail, while others may find liberation in exploring uncharted territories of consciousness. Each individual's spiritual odyssey is unique, and the decision to step beyond the confines of the spiritual matrix remains a distinctive and personal choice.

With Love & Respect,

Nathalie, Eclesiah

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