Personal Activation Grid with ANDARA: Physical body harmonization

Personal Activation Grid with ANDARA


For a custom ANDARA grid (abundance, boost your creativity, chakra cleansing, grounding, raise frequencies, meditation support, bring optimism into your life, etc...). Contact me. 

Physical body harmonization ANDARA Grid

The malfunction of the physical body is directly depending on the state of its energetic field. If the energetic field is not functioning properly, the harmony in the physical body is also affected. The reason for such malfunctions in the energetic field can be caused by external influences (collective thoughts) or internal processes (unprocessed/repressed emotions, beliefs...).

This 24h activation' grid will work by eliminating all negative influences possible that affect the organism within it and outside. 

_•_ Price : 188 € _•_ 

The power of this grid comes from the union of energies created between the ANDARA, and the sacred geometric pattern. I will intuitively create a grid corresponding exactly to your body template/energic field.

Please be conscious how DEEP this activation can “go”. This is beyond important! This activation Grid is to assist people who are truly ready to go straight to cellular programming that correlates to their own energetic and physical reality here. By  consciously choosing to receive the Light encodements held in this activation, you agree to fully open your heart/mind/energy body.

The more you choose to work with this activation*, the deeper it will continue to assist you with unanchoring unconscious emotions/unconscious beliefs held for conscious shifting, clearing and restructuring, by you.

*a picture of the grid will be send by mail

Please contact me via nathalie.eclesiah @ if this activation resonates with you or via the contact form.


Personal crystal grid energy work


• Kelly S: "I have been working with this grid for over a month during both meditation and sleep state. Thank you to Nathalie for the gifts that the activation grid has brought forward 🙏".
• Ally P: "My grid helped me understand my emotional patterns and how they work (hamster wheel).  So powerful 😅".