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Quantum Healing with Claire & the ANDARAs

Hi, my name is Claire

I help people to realigning in their soul connection, with Andaras Crystals as medium to amplify and calibrate the sound frequencies of my tibetan bowl, quartzophone and galactic shaman drum. I am assisted by sacred geometry forms and Water too. And Ligth Colour Rays Frequencies.

On the way detox is going as we all still need it as incarnated being on Earth in the Now and taking action from here.

The andara crystals I work with and are actually manifested on this plan of consciousness are piloted by a prima matra master Crystal not manifested here and now on planet Earth. She connected with me few months ago during an activation with Nathalie's grid.

I have not protocols, as my intuitive ChristSophia connected Heart shows the unique better way for each of you in the Now to facilitate the inner~multidimensional~loving process.

There is always a grid made intuitively in your name incarnation ( first name of the family of and birth date) as a basement.

It is a quantum frequency transformatory process including all the fields of your life on all plans from the most etheric one to the most densified , and / or from the more densified to the most etheric depending on your need at the moment.

I offer :

♡ personal grid with sound you receive personaly and you can use as long as you need it. It is scalar so it works for you as long as you need it.
☆ incarnation multidimensional grid to comprehend your blockages and sound to harmonise them and activate your dna gifts.
I send you a résumé by email you can print or save the way it is good for you
♡ one to one session in the quantum field to work on One point that is coming in your Now. It is a 1h work processing during a period I precise at the moment of the session
☆ 3 months detox~activations , dialoguing with you by email, to accelerate your inner process, support the inner process as you need it.
♡ a group offer is coming too with regular sessions by zoom

And much more to come 😊

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Energy work with Claire

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