Quantum Healing with ANDARA : energy work / DNA

Quantum Healing with ANDARA : energy work / DNA

The Quantum Healing Energy Work with ANDARA crystals stands out for its unique approach and transformative power. This avant-garde work promises a profound healing experience by acting on multiple dimensions of being.

What is Quantum Healing with ANDARA Crystals?

Quantum healing with Andara crystals is an energetic healing method that utilizes the unique vibratory properties of ANDARA crystals. These stones, known for their very high energy frequencies, serve as catalysts to facilitate the release, transformation, and activation of dormant potentials within the individual.

Objectives of this Energic Work

The primary goal of this work is to foster a deep release of blockages and limiting patterns rooted in both individual and collective consciousness. It aims to:

  • Release the individual from ancestral and karmic imprints.
  • Activate and realign personal energy grids with their original essence.
  • Promote an elevation of vibratory frequency, leading to better internal harmony.
  • Detaching the individual from egregores, thereby freeing them from the influence of collective mental and emotional constructs.


The activation unfolds in three main stages over a period of 72 hours, allowing for total immersion in the energy of the ANDARA crystals:

  1. Initiation: The birth of your personal grid and the creation of codes necessary for activation.
  2. Activation in the Ether: The most crucial moment where the energetic work is imprinted into matter, going through the etheric and quantum realms.
  3. Gradual Reception: The physical and subtle bodies integrate the activation, gradually receiving the benefits month after month.

Distinctive Features of the Treatment

  • Prior Soul Agreement: A conscious commitment that everything happening during the treatment is in alignment with the soul's journey.
  • Realization of Full Consciousness and Choice: An awareness of the potential depth of transformation offered by the activation.
  • Non-Medical Framework: It is important to note that this treatment does not replace medical treatments but acts as an energetic complement.

To resume

The quantum healing with ANDARA crystals offers a path to profound healing and transformation, inviting each individual to rebalance their energy and elevate towards a better version of themselves. By working on higher planes of consciousness, this treatment allows access to an inner freedom and a clarity of life previously unexplored, especially by detaching from egregores that limit our human experience.

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Quantum Healing with ANDARA : energy work / DNA
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