How to Co Create with your Vibratory Andarean Painting? Healing ART

How to Co Create with your Vibratory Andarean Painting? Healing ART

Healing art andara

As soon as you adopt a Vibratory Andarean Painting (what I also call "Healing ART)  along with their ANDARA, you become their Keeper. You will soon be asked to work with this set.

The Light Codes anchored in my vibratory paintings are part of a Unified Counsciousness Quantum Field. These activation codes will adjust as if they were physically anchored, specifically for you.

Each one of my Portals contain unique multidimensional frequencies wich have different goals and uses.

Starting to work with my Painting/Portal/Vortex:

To start...get aquainted !! Take pictures, play with the Andaras placing them in circles, triangles..., let your inner child take the lead. Observe, feel, vibrate...

After a while your divine intuition will come in, you will then be asked to place the Andaras on the Portal, on very specific places, in order to create a cristaline synergy that will activate the whole set. You can also set an intention but I will talk about that later.

That synergy/activation will work with you, for you, on a cellular level, on your cristaline DNA structure, on your akashic record...just as would an « energy healing session », respecting your soul's choices prior to your incarnation. This may be very powerful ! It can be a little jolting.

To begin working with your Andarean Portal, I don't recommend more than 10 to 20 minutes per day.

You can place it on you, beside you, while meditating or while doing something else.

The frequencies of the room where the set is placed will significantly rise. The Portal will radiate it's energy and touch every person that is going by.

Place an intention:

As mentioned above, the contained vibrations in these Portals are Quantum, they know what they have to do. Each painting being an Andarean Aspect holds the Andarean Consciousness. It’s for this reason you can set an intention.

You can:

  • Ask for the set to work on your Chakras (activate, align, harmonise)
  • Set the intention to highten the vibrations of a location, of a person, of a specific animal (a picture placed in the middle of the painting surrounded by the Andaras does the job, but you can bring the set where you want and work directly in someone's house.)
  • Ask for it to accompany you in the integration of High Frequencies (cosmic, cristaline...), when certain Stellar Portals open (i.e. Lion's Gate).
  • Set the intention to purify your water, your food...
  • Ask that they synthonise you with the Andarean Frequencies so that you can closely work with the Andarean Beings.
  • Ask them to help you communicate with your Higher Aspects.
  • Set the intention to create an activation during a healing session...

It is also possible to work outside near water, near a tree, near a rock...once the contact is done, the set will connect to Gaïa's Cristaline Grid, to intra earth, to the Elementals...who will let you know what they need (Grid work, Portal work...).

You and your Andarean Portal will, at some point « merge ». You will then start to accomplish Divine Co Creations and you will be able, simply with intention, to accomplish a lot together. Follow your intuition and above all...your heart.

Can I buy more than one Portal/Painting or do I have to ?

Every Portal that I materialize is related to a very specific Frequency Bandwith. You can feel after you've worked with your painting for a few months/years, that your collaboration together is ending and that it's now time for you to adopt another one

Is it possible to work with other Andaras ?

Those that come with the Painting participated in the birthing of the Andarean Portal. They are intrinsincly part of the set, but you can add other Andaras to complete your grid.


Don't forget that you are, before anything else, a creator. Your Andarean

Multidimensional Portals that materialized in your holographic now moment reality are there to assist you only for a few years. A day will come where you will be able to do all this by yourself, without any outside tools.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment section. With Love, Nathalie.

PS : Some of my paintings got an intention set on them while birthed.

Example :

  • Let the creative energy circulate in the subtle bodies and the sacred Chakra so that my creative potential is deployed on New Earth
  • Engage the Ego disidentification in order to reconnect to the Pure Consciousness and Pure Love Being that I am.

This is only a starting intention. The painting that you'll adopt will work on a multitude of other cosmic realms, with and for you.


Your Questions:

1/ How do the Andarean Frequencies work ?

The Andarean Frequencies infused in my paintings work with all your subtle bodies at a DNA level.

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