Hello darkness my old friend...

Hello darkness my old friend...

... I've come to talk with you again...

In spirituality, egregors are thought forms or collective psychic entities created by the shared beliefs, emotions, and intentions of a group of people. These entities do gain a kind of independent existence, influencing and being influenced by the collective consciousness of humanity.

Some egregors are pretty ancient and have been passed down through generations, acquiring energy and significance over eons.

These enduring thought forms are often associated with specific cultural or religious traditions, embodying the collective beliefs and practices of the communities that have sustained them.

They communicate on a telepathic or intuitive level with individuals connected to the particular thought form. Humans receive insights, guidances, or influences from egregors through this telepathic connection, particularly if they are part of the group contributing to the egregor's creation and maintenance.

"In the sacred dance of existence, there are forces that may guide us into challenging corners".


With Love & Respect 

Nathalie, Eclesiah. 




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