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Business Consciousness : 5D Abundance

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People who appreciate your work are willing to pay for your services without price being an obstacle. 

There’s an entire dimension where people PAY and are respectful.

  • Shift your focus off the lack and that everybody’s broke and that they don’t want to do the work TO PEOPLE WHO ARE THEIR HIGHEST SELF AND PAY, people who are kind and STEP UP.
  • You have to stop believing in the story that others don’t have money - its the story they tell you NOT the truth and it’s a lack program you get to dissolve.
  • Identifying your programs in every moments you will always overcome lack until it’s not yours.
  • Honor your work and remember you are investing in creating a new world.
  • Most people don’t know how much money we pay to be in service.
  • Dedicate money for something specific. Ex: My universe bring me money so I can support my X project.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I choosing to release the lack programs?
  • Am I being an alchemist and taking ideas and turning into abundance?
  • Am I judging people who have money? Am I judging myself? 


Abondance 5D


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